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תצוה - "You Shall Command"

Weekly parashah #20: Tetzaveh

  • Torah: Shemot (Exodus) 27:20-30:10
  • Haftarah: Yechezk'el (Ezekiel) 43:10-43:27
  • Greek Scriptures: Mark 12


Exodus 27:20

You shall charge the sons of Israel, that they bring you clear oil of beaten olives for the light, to make a lamp burn continually.

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The Hebrew Words

תצוה (tetzaveh) is the conjugation of the verb צוה (tzavah) (Strong's #6680) which means intensively "to constitute" or "enjoin". Tzavah is used 517 times in 474 verses in the Tanakh.

Tzavah is a primitive root verb which is used to form these other words:


First use in Scripture

The first time tetzaveh is used in Scripture is in Genesis 2:16.

Genesis 2:16

The Lord, G-d commanded the man, saying, "From any tree of the garden you may eat freely;


Last use in Scripture

The last time tetzaveh is used in Scripture is in Malachi 4:4.

Malachi 4:4

"Remember the law of Moses My servant, even the statutes and ordinances which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel.



AARON OFFERING INCENSE- ©2005 Ted LarsonParashah Outline

  • Garments of the Kohenim - Exodus 28:1
  • Consecration of the Kohenim - Exodus 29:1
  • The Sacrifices - Exodus 29:10
  • Food of the Kohenim - Exodus 29:31
  • The Alter of Incense - Exodus 30:1


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Verse by Verse Notes



Other Observations




8 of the traditional 613 commandments are found in this parashah.

  • 25- Light the Menorah every day- Exodus 27:21
  • 48- The kohenim must wear their priestly garments during service- Exodus 28:2
  • 26- The breastplate must not be loosened from the ephod- Exodus 28:28
  • 49- Do not tear the priestly garments- Exodus 28:32
  • 329- The kohenim must eat the sacrificial meat in the Temple- Exodus 29:33
  • 331- A non- kohen must not eat sacrificial meat- Exodus 29:33
  • 27- Burn incense every day- Exodus 30:7
  • 21- Do not burn anything on the Golden Altar besides incense- Exodus 30:9






474 verses that include tsavah (Strong's #6680)



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