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יום כפור

The moed of Yom Kippur is known in English as the Day of Atonement. It occurs nine days after Yom Teruah/ The Feast of Trumpets on the tenth day of the seventh month in the Hebrew calendar.

As we examine this moed and discover what Scripture says about it, we should consider that the same very same G-d Who granted grace and mercy by sending the Messiah to die for our sins will also send that same Messiah again to defeat His enemies, separate "the wheat from the tares", "the sheep from the goats", and provide the ultimate atonement for those who are His.

What does Scripture tell us about this holy day and its related commandments? What are we supposed to do and see and hear? As we study Scripture regarding this special appointment, we pray once more in the words of King David: oh, Lord, please "open our eyes that we might behold wonderful things from your Torah" and discover our returning Messiah in this moed. Scripture was given to mankind to speak of Him and we should seek to hear its voice... His voice... especially during His appointed times.


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