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BUSINESS PEOPLE WITH QUESTION MARK © Yuri_arcurs | Dreamstime.comOur controversial "Did You Know" series is guaranteed to challenge the traditionalist in all of us. So often we are taught an idea as a child and never stop to examine if what we have been taught is true. These articles will test your knowledge of Scripture and the truths it contains.



This edition of "Did You Know?" is a three-for-one special! 


Number One

Scripture never mentions "The Ten Commandments".  Oh, sure, the commandments themselves are in the Bible, true.  But the phrase "the ten commandments" is never found.

"Aha!", some of you will say.  "I have finally found something those heretics can't back out of!"

Oh, ye of little faith... :)


COWBOY PRAYER SUNSET SILHOUETTE - © Cindy Singleton | iStockPhoto.com

Things have been quiet for a while, so we thought we might stir things up a bit with a new "Did You Know" article.  Once more we anticipate that a resounding call will ring through homes:

"Honey!  Come look at what these heretics are blathering about this time!"


As startling and disturbing as the idea may be to some believers, the claim that every knee will bow and every tongue confess the name of Jesus Christ is false.

ROAD TO HEAVEN- © Scorpionka | Dreamstime.comHere we go again.  I can imagine the conversation in homes all over will start something like this...

"Honey! Come look at what those heretics are spouting off this time!"


It's true, though.

Everyone does go to heaven.

We can prove it together from Scripture.  Let's start from the beginning with a question that every child should be able to answer:


The Conversion on the Way to Damascus- CaravaggioAlthough some may claim otherwise, the apostle Paul never stopped keeping the Law of Moses [Hebrew: Torah] after he encountered the risen Messiah in Acts chapter 9.


Wait, what...?

Wasn't Paul "all things to all men" as he said in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23?


Yes, he was, but that does not mean that he followed the customs of the Gentiles and forsook the Law of Moses to do so.


BUSINESS PEOPLE WITH QUESTION MARK - © Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime.com I can see the email we're going to get already...





It all depends on how you define "Jewish."

What is "Jewish"? What does that mean?

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